Consumer-Finance Agency, Under Fire, Speeds up Advertisement Spending

The government s consumer-finance watchdog, a frequent political target for conservatives and market, is introducing a huge advertising campaign collections credit card processing to promote its objective to the general public.

The five-year-old Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has actually spent $15.3 million so far in financial 2016 for web advertisements to tout its online tools targeted at assisting consumers do relative shopping and learn common risks for financial products like mortgages, student loans and retirement strategies.

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School Finance Suits: More Than Simply a Legal Roll of Dice?

For district leaders, taking legal action against states over school finance solutions may look like a high-stakes gamble on where judges will boil down, as high-profile decisions with very various results in Texas, Kansas, and Washington state recommend.

However, in truth, the fate of these challenges is far from random, hinging rather on complainants' ability to prove that those formulas follow the specifics and ambiguities of each state's constitution, legal scholars say.

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Saskatchewan finance minister reveals brand-new tight shoes in advance of spending plan day

Saskatchewan’s finance minister Kevin Doherty carried on with custom, and exposed he’ll be wearing tight tan dress shoes when he tables the provincial budget plan Wednesday afternoon.

One might see it’s going to be a tight budget tomorrow.

It’s an age-old custom for finance ministers to flaunt their new shoes prior to the budget.

The shoes are often a metaphor for what the budget plan might look like, like a window into the sole.

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